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Arboreta - exotische en botanische tuinen en parken

Schotland, Groot-BrittanniŽ




Attadale Gardens, Strathcarron, Wester Ross IV54 8YX, Scotland, Groot-BrittanniŽ
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www.attadalegardens.com   -   info@attadalegardens.com

Open van Pasen tot eind oktober (alle dagen behalve zondag)

Als tuinliefhebber moet je deze tuin zeker op je verlanglijstje plaatsen!  Een Nederlandse tekst volgt binnenkort.



Storms in the 1980s created a blank canvas on which to paint our own version of a West Coast garden. The fallen trees left pools of black water along the old millstream. These inspired a series of ponds, the banks behind planted with primula, meconopsis, iris and the giant leaves of gunnera, all brilliantly reflected in the dark water. Monet bridges and water lilies complete the scene.

Above are planted Bhutan pine, sequoia, Korean fir, Chilean embothrium and eucryphia interwoven with numerous rhododendrons, survivors of the Edwardian era.  Sculpture enliven the gardens and are scattered throughout. 

The old sunken garden, its quadrant beds of perennials arranged in a pattern like a Persian carpet, is colourful all year round.   To the west lies the giant sundial, its gnomon supported by the Macpherson wild cat. 

The Japanese garden is based on the myths of 6th century Japan. A restful place, the raked gravel and cloud pruning induces a feeling of peace. Further on, rhododendrons planted by the Schroder family 100 years ago in an old quarry have survived; in late spring their fallen flowers form a pink and crimson carpet Ė an unforgettable sight. 

Another old quarry has been transformed into a fernery by head gardener, Geoff Stephenson.   Delicate ferns are housed in a geodesic dome.  In a sheltered hollow backed by tree ferns, Geoff and his assistant Frances Mackenzie have created a shade garden round a newly discovered field drain dating from the early nineteenth century. 

In front of a cliff , the most recent addition, where a bamboo thicket has been eradicated, a small waterfall runs down the cliff into a newly constructed pool surrounded by dwarf rhododendrons, which to quote Peter Cox "grow in the Himalayan foothills as heather does in Scotland". 

After the controlled chaos of the wood, the kitchen garden adds an orderly note. Raised beds are not only decorative but fruitful as well, providing vegetables, salad and fruit for the house, local restaurants and shops. Next to the gardenerís cottage a conventional conservatory has been transformed into a miniature subtropical landscape complete with tiny watercourse and lake supported by dry stonewalls.  

The DIY tearoom gives visitors a chance to relax and read one of the garden books surrounded by photographs of the development of the gardens and the characters who have made it, past and present.

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